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For many people, forensics is a fascinating but confusing field that is full of mystery and intrigue. Whether it's learning more about how criminal evidence is collected and stored or finding out how the legal system uses this information, everyone should explore the world of forensics. A skilled team of expert authors write all of our articles, which we hope will be informative and interesting to our huge and diverse readership.
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Analysing Evidence
Analysing Evidence: Hair and Fibres, Latent Prints, Toxicology, Serology: Bodily Fluids,...
Analysing the Body
Analysing the Body: Rigor Mortis and Lividity, Stomach Contents as a Means of Evidence,...
Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Are all Forensic Photographers SOCOs?, How Can a Bullet be Identified...
Case Book
Case Book: Forensic Cases: Colin Pitchfork, First Exoneration Through DNA,...
Collecting Evidence
Collecting Evidence: Recording and Preserving the Crime Scene,...
Future of Forensics
Future of Forensics: Forensics in the Water, X-ray Forensics for Guns,...
Pathology: Determining Cause of Death, Blood Types, Bodily Fluids in Forensic...
Types of Forensics
Types of Forensics: Forensic Pathology, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Entomology,...
Understanding Evidence
Understanding Evidence: Chemical Pollution of a Crime Scene, Und...
Understanding Injuries
Understanding Injuries: Ligature Marks, Toxic Gases, Entrance and Exit...
Latest Comments
  • addy
    Re: Blunt Force Trauma
    They said this person drowned an was in water for five days but he had his entire body in great shape. No swellling. His chest area was however…
    30 August 2016
  • Stressed
    Re: The Rate of Decay in a Corpse
    My grandfather hadn't gone to church in two weeks and they checked on him only to find a strong odor on the front porch. They…
    29 August 2016
  • Doll girl
    Re: The Four Manners of Death
    My question is can I have another coroner review my grandmas autopsy and have it changed from accidental to homicide? My grandma was…
    27 August 2016
  • Auntdea
    Re: The Rate of Decay in a Corpse
    I put my question on line to get a real response not just to vent. So please show me examples of what my husband may look like.
    27 August 2016
  • auntdea
    Re: The Rate of Decay in a Corpse
    My husband was shot and killed in a hunting accident 5 years and 9 months ago. What would he look like after year 1, year 2, year…
    27 August 2016
  • Rpm
    Re: Processing Rape Evidence
    I am being falsely accused of having sex with a 15 yr old boy and I will be 19 sept 3rd how long do I have where I can test for DNA and…
    27 August 2016
  • Sands
    Re: The Rate of Decay in a Corpse
    Hi i just lost my much loved dad a week ago. I like most have a morbid sense of what my dads body will be like. But ive come to…
    21 August 2016
  • Sky
    Re: The Rate of Decay in a Corpse
    My dad past away from a heart attack18days ago should I view his body?
    20 August 2016
  • Lizard
    Re: Blunt Force Trauma
    I fell out of a chain onto the con rest and mini Woden fence in the kidney aria I am in great pain and breathing like winded
    14 August 2016
  • ExploreForensics
    Re: Detecting Evidence After Bleaching
    sohail - Your Question:My went to parlor for make up because she was going to be bride next day. The parlor have used the…
    11 August 2016
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