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For many people, forensics is a fascinating but confusing field that is full of mystery and intrigue. Whether it's learning more about how criminal evidence is collected and stored or finding out how the legal system uses this information, everyone should explore the world of forensics. A skilled team of expert authors write all of our articles, which we hope will be informative and interesting to our huge and diverse readership.
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Analysing Evidence
Analysing Evidence: Hair and Fibres, Latent Prints, Toxicology, Serology: Bodily Fluids,...
Analysing the Body
Analysing the Body: Rigor Mortis and Lividity, Stomach Contents as a Means of Evidence,...
Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Are all Forensic Photographers SOCOs?, How Can a Bullet be Identified...
Case Book
Case Book: Forensic Cases: Colin Pitchfork, First Exoneration Through DNA,...
Collecting Evidence
Collecting Evidence: Recording and Preserving the Crime Scene,...
Future of Forensics
Future of Forensics: Forensics in the Water, X-ray Forensics for Guns,...
Pathology: Determining Cause of Death, Blood Types, Bodily Fluids in Forensic...
Types of Forensics
Types of Forensics: Forensic Pathology, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Entomology,...
Understanding Evidence
Understanding Evidence: Chemical Pollution of a Crime Scene, Und...
Understanding Injuries
Understanding Injuries: Ligature Marks, Toxic Gases, Entrance and Exit...
Latest Comments
  • pathologist
    Re: Stomach Contents as a Means of Evidence
    Does forensics do apply in extreme cases that are to do with mining fatal accidents?
    24 November 2015
  • picklepu$$
    Re: Electrocution
    Hi there, This is an out there question, but I am doing research and I need to know if a human stands on the ground, barefoot, and has a solid gold…
    23 November 2015
  • leslie
    Re: The Four Manners of Death
    Yes hello, id like to know if i being jewish faith can refuse in writing to have autopsy done when i pass? Im a lupus sufferer but do…
    21 November 2015
  • Kathleen
    Re: Entrance and Exit Wounds
    My husband has been named a defendant in a case here in Ca. While never in denial of the incident, he has neen erroneously & this has…
    20 November 2015
  • Britt
    Re: Estimating The Time of Death
    101 pound , 19 years old , female , in 75 degree house , died ! When will the jaw tighten up ?
    20 November 2015
  • Tiffany20
    Re: Forensic Pathology
    Hi can anyone please tell me how do you become one or the career path you took because i don't know if I should take a medicine degree or a…
    20 November 2015
  • Tiffany2000
    Re: Forensic Pathology
    Hi can anyone tell me how I become a forensic pathologist because I'm really confused do I take a biochemist degree or medicine?
    20 November 2015
  • Shadow
    Re: Exhuming a Corpse For Forensic Analysis
    My nephew was suffering from fits and collapsed while taking a bath, It was a plastic bath and it was not hard, He…
    19 November 2015
  • Kai
    Re: Blunt Force Trauma
    My friend and I were messing around and I hit her in the back. It wasn't very hard but she gets hurt really easily. She says it still hurts…
    17 November 2015
  • ExploreForensics
    Re: Forensic Toxicology
    Dvokeh - Your Question:I find this information useful.Big up for the Wonderful job. I have a question. How does forensic toxication assists in…
    16 November 2015
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