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For many people, forensics is a fascinating but confusing field that is full of mystery and intrigue. Whether it's learning more about how criminal evidence is collected and stored or finding out how the legal system uses this information, everyone should explore the world of forensics. A skilled team of expert authors write all of our articles, which we hope will be informative and interesting to our huge and diverse readership.
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Analysing Evidence
Analysing Evidence: Hair and Fibres, Latent Prints, Toxicology, Serology: Bodily Fluids,...
Analysing the Body
Analysing the Body: Rigor Mortis and Lividity, Stomach Contents as a Means of Evidence,...
Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Are all Forensic Photographers SOCOs?, How Can a Bullet be Identified...
Case Book
Case Book: Forensic Cases: Colin Pitchfork, First Exoneration Through DNA,...
Collecting Evidence
Collecting Evidence: Recording and Preserving the Crime Scene,...
Future of Forensics
Future of Forensics: Forensics in the Water, X-ray Forensics for Guns,...
Pathology: Determining Cause of Death, Blood Types, Bodily Fluids in Forensic...
Types of Forensics
Types of Forensics: Forensic Pathology, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Entomology,...
Understanding Evidence
Understanding Evidence: Chemical Pollution of a Crime Scene, Und...
Understanding Injuries
Understanding Injuries: Ligature Marks, Toxic Gases, Entrance and Exit...
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  • Fionamarg
    Re: The Rate of Decay in a Corpse
    I'm a writer (not crime fiction!) and would be very grateful for expert info on this: what state would a body be in after 5 -6…
    5 October 2015
  • Nina
    Re: Rigor Mortis and Lividity
    I found my 38 years old husband lying down dead on the bed at his parents house. His legs snd arms were mottled and he was cold , no…
    5 October 2015
  • ghanbari
    Re: Entrance and Exit Wounds
    3 October 2015
  • ghanbari
    Re: Entrance and Exit Wounds
    Please specify entry and exit bullet wound in the left and right images IF ENTRANCE is in BACK HEAD OR FOR HEAD?? IN YOUR OPINION he…
    3 October 2015
  • troller
    Re: Rigor Mortis and Lividity
    how does the reverse of rigor mortis occurs?
    2 October 2015
  • LudwigvonPless
    Re: The Romanovs: Forensic Identification of the Tsar's Grave
    The DNA studies and tests which were carried out twenty four years ago, were more than…
    1 October 2015
  • niypoo/
    Re: Establishing a Crime Scene
    it is going to be nice, like helping people across the street.
    1 October 2015
  • ExploreForensics
    Re: Computer Forensics Explained
    jamesedward - Your Question:Thanks for sharing this useful blog.Our Response: Glad it could be o
    29 September 2015
  • Chloe
    Re: Forensic Toxicology
    Thank you again, for your reply. I have one last question. When doing a post mortem if you have evidence the person in question has taken…
    28 September 2015
  • ExploreForensics
    Re: Forensic Toxicology
    Chloe - Your Question:@ben thank you also for your reply. It makes a little sense yes. Thank you again. Also one random question. It may be…
    28 September 2015
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