How Can a Bullet be Identified from a Particular Gun?

While a firearm is not usually left at the scene of a crime, a bullet quite often is found at the crime scene. Fortunately, forensics experts do have a number of techniques and tools at their disposal to identify a bullet from a specific firearm. A bullet would carefully be …

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Are all Forensic Photographers SOCOs?

While most forensic photographers will have worked in a scene of crime officer (SOCO) role, or be working in this role as part of their forensic photography duties, there is alternate scope for someone who feels a passion for photography and forensic science but doesn’t want to work as a …

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Blood and Sperm – How are they Preserved?

Your question is an important one! For evidence to be useful in the legal system, it must first be properly collected and preserved. If this is done correctly, then ideally, a reliable link can be made between a suspected perpetrator and a crime. Blood is a common type of evidence …

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