50 Bizarre Ways To Day

They say that nothing is certain except death or taxes. Death might be certain but there’s certainly no limit to how many bizarre ways a person can die. These range from the strange to the tragic to the gruesome, but they’re all bizarre. 

There’s no limit to the bizarre ways a person can die, check out some of them here. 

1.The Drowning Bride

This bride drowned during a wedding photo shoot. 

2. Suicide by Piranha

This teenager committed suicide by feeding themselves to a bunch of piranhas

3. Nasal Irrigation Pot

In 2011 a woman died by contracting brain eating bacteria after using a nasal irrigation pot.

4. Eating Cockroaches

Back in 2012 a reptile shop in Florida had a competition to see who could eat the most bugs. A man died choking on cockroaches during the contest.

5. Don’t Drink Too Much Water

Back in 2007 a woman died from drinking too much water and holding in her pee for too long, as part of a radio contest.

6. Vending Machines

When your candy gets stuck in the vending machine, you might be tempted to shake the machine to get it. This actually kills 13 people every year.

7. Don’t Poop Too Hard

Did you know that if you strain too hard while pooping, it can cause you to have a heart attack? That’s pretty scary isn’t it?

8. Dying from Laughter

Apparently a “killing joke” could potentially be a real thing and Monty Python isn’t that outlandish after all.

9. Killed by Machines

A worker at a Volkswagen factory was killed when the machine he was working with picked him up and killed him.

10. The Atomic Wedgie

Wedgies aren’t just painful and humiliating, they can be deadly too. 

11. Dog Food

There is a woman who was once crushed to death by bags of dog food while she tried to feed her dogs.

12. Death by Chicken

An unfortunate farmer named Frans Jaumotte ran out of chicken feed on his farm and his chickens responded by pecking him to death. 

13. Death at Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park’s hot springs are world famous, but they’re also deadly. As one unfortunate man learned the hard way when he chased his dog into the springs, the water can reach temperatures of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit

14. Yellowstone Bears

Another unfortunate incident that happened at Yellowstone National Park occurred when a woman was mauled and eaten by a bear that attacked her inside her tent. 

15. Watch Out For the Flying Lawnmower in Giant Stadium

At a football game in the 1970s, there was a halftime show featuring an air show of model airplanes. One of these was shaped like a flying lawnmower and the operator lost control and the plane/flying lawnmower crashed into the stands, killing a person.

16. Foul Ball

A particularly sad story is the tale of the Goldblooms, a couple who were celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary by attending a game at Dodger Stadium to see their beloved Dodgers. A ball went into the stands and struck Linda Goldbloom on the head. She later died of her injuries. 

17. Dying on the Toilet

Michael Godwin was facing death row when his sentence was overturned on appeal. Fate was coming for him though and when he bit into an electric wire while sitting on a metal toilet, he accidentally electrocuted himself.

18. Don’t Car Bomb Yourself

Some biker gangs were feuding and one of the gangs decided to bomb the other gang. While transporting the bomb in a member’s vehicle, the bomb went off and killed the driver and passenger.

19. The Woodchipper

This is probably one of the grizzliest deaths ever recorded. Back in 2014 a man died when he accidentally fell into the woodchipper he was working with. Yikes. 

20. Killed By Your Own Invention

Over the years, numerous people have been killed by their own inventions. A particularly sad story is the case of Thomas Midgley Jr, who was accidentally strangled by the hoist he invented to help polio patients.

21. Dying Because You’re So Shocked That People Think You’re Already Dead

Marcus Garvey was a civil rights activist who had a history of strokes. When he read a news article falsely announcing his death, Garvey was so surprised he had another stroke and died.

22. Houdini’s Death Wasn’t Supposed to be Part of the Show

Houdini was performing and invited audience members to punch him in the stomach to show off how strong he was. Unfortunately, this caused his appendix to burst and he died shortly after the show ended. 

23. Don’t Drown in the London Beer Flood

Back in 1814, eight people in London drowned when an accident at a brewery caused thousands and thousands of gallons of beer to flood the streets.

24. That’s Not a Prop Gun, Don’t Play With It

Back in the 19th Century, a Confederate lawyer was defending a man accused of murder by insisting that the victim shot themselves in the head. The lawyer demonstrated by shooting himself with what he assumed was a prop gun, in court. Hint: It wasn’t a prop.

25. Please Don’t Jump Off the Eiffel Tower With a Homemade Parachute

One of the most tragic stories on this list is that of an overly confident inventor who leaped off the Eiffel Tower with a homemade parachute. It didn’t work like he thought it would.

26. The Boston Molasses Flood

In 1919 several people died in an explosion that flooded the streets of Boston with molasses.

27. Choosing to Drown in Wine

A king decided to execute his brother and let his brother choose how he wanted to die. The brother wanted to drown in wine

28. Overeating

A Swedish king once died from overeating.

29. You’re Not Santa Claus

A burglar once got stuck in a chimney and died.

30. Stuck in the Window

A woman was leaning out her window to smoke when she got stuck and died.

31. Drowning in Your Car

Once a car starts sinking, it’s almost impossible to escape. 

32. Quicksand

It doesn’t happen often in real life, but people do sometimes die in quicksand. 

33. Stuck in a Cave

Sometimes people die getting stuck in caves

34. Stuck in an Elevator

This unfortunate woman died after being trapped in an elevator for a month without anyone noticing. 

35. Death by Refrigerator

People died in old fashioned refrigerators all the time.

36. Dying in a Donation Box

This man got stuck in a donation box. 

37. Buried Alive

This pregnant teenager was accidentally buried alive.

38. Piano Sex

This couple were crushed after having sex on a piano in a nightclub.

39. Too Much ED Medication

Sometimes people die from taking too much Viagra

40. Dying in a Storm Drain

This man died in a storm drain.

41. A Smell to Die For

This guy died from over exposure to deodorant fumes.

42. Flaming Beard

This man’s beard caught on fire and killed him.

43. Killed by Sheep

This farmer’s wife was killed by their own sheep.  

44. Lightning Bra

This woman was electrocuted when lightning struck the wires of her bra.

45. Video Game Death

This man spent too long playing video games and died.

46. Hollywood Sign

Peg Entwistle was a struggling actress who leaped off the Hollywood sign to her death.

47. Hoarding

These brothers were hoarders who were trapped in their home, unable to escape. 

48. Edgar Allan Poe’s Death

There’s something POE-etic about the fact that no one really knows how Edgar Allan Poe died

49. Rasputin

You probably already know the story of Rasputin’s death. This one is bizarre not because of how Rasputin died, but because it a combination of so many mundane murder methods to kill him. 

50. The Most Bizarre Death in History?

Back in the 1950s a group of students died under mysterious circumstances in the Ural Mountains

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